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StarRocks 2.2 Released

StarRocks is a unified OLAP database enabling blazing fast analytics

Why StarRocks

StarRocks is a free and open OLAP system in the center of data analytics.

Unified OLAP
for all
We are facing diversified data analytics scenarios. Developers have to use multiple products resulting in pain on learning barrier, data fragmentation, and maintenance overhead. StarRocks is a unified OLAP database and excels in all scenarios.

All Workloads

StarRocks supports dashboards, ad-hoc queries, and interactive data analytics, enabling agile analytics across your organization.

Flexible Data Modeling

Flat table, pre-aggregations, star and snowflake schemas are all supported.

Batch and Streaming Ingestion

StarRocks supports real-time data ingestion with second level latency. Data sources such as Apache Kafka®,Apache Flink®, Apache Hadoop® Distributed File System(HDFS) and local files can be imported smoothly.

High Concurrency

StarRocks supports thousands of users analyzing concurrently. Good for both internal analytics and customer facing data serving.

Native Vectorized MPP Engine

StarRocks has an execution engine with vectorization technology to make full use of the parallel computing power of the CPU.

Cost-Based SQL Optimizer

StarRocks can optimize complex queries through CBO (Cost-Based Optimizer). With a better execution plan, data analytics efficiency could be greatly improved.

Real-Time Columnar Store

StarRocks' redesigned columnar store supports extreme query performance, real-time data updates and deletes, and is ACID-compliant.

Intelligent Materialized View

The materialized view of StarRocks can be automatically updated during the data import and automatically selected when the query is executed.

OLAP analytics
in any
On other systems normal data queries could take minutes. Without adding more cost, StarRocks is able to bring query latency down to sub-second. See a detailed comparison between StarRocks and other open-source analytical databases such as ClickHouse, Presto and Apache Druid®.
Easy to use
StarRocks is very easy to use and maintain. It is already used by hundreds of unicorn companies online, with a total server size of nearly 10,000.

Simple Maintenance

StarRocks does not rely on any external systems. The clean architecture makes it easy to deploy, maintain and scale-out.

High Availability

StarRocks supports multi-replica data storage and multi-instance data deployment. The cluster has the ability of self-healing and elastic recovery.

High Scalability

StarRocks’ distributed architecture allows its storage capacity and computing power to be scaled horizontally. StarRocks clusters can be expanded to hundreds of nodes to support up to 10PB data storage.


StarRocks supports standard SQL syntax (TPC-H and TPC-DS) and is compatible with MySQL protocol. Various clients and BI software (Tableau, Power BI, etc) can be used to access StarRocks.


StarRocks provides superior performance. It is also a unified OLAP covering most data analytics scenarios.


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